The Birds and the Bees

The question most parents dread have been asked to me this morning in the shower.

My little L caught me off guard again. Shampooing his hair, he traced his finger on my CS scar. I asked him if he remembered the doctor pulling him out of my tummy. He answered, matter-of-factly, that he did remember – because I told him.

The topic bored him.  Then he asked THE question. Our conversation came out like this –

L: “Mom, how did you become a mom when you never married your boyfriend (Who happens to be his biological father, by the way)?”

Uhmmm…I answered, “Well, I didn’t need to get married to have you.”  Then he answers, “Why is it when people get married they have a baby?”

Uhmmm…”Not always true sweetie. Your tita (aunt) and tito (uncle) got married in April and they still don’t have a baby, right?”


Whew…and then,

L:  “So…mom…how did you have me?”

Whuuuut? Will I pretend I did not hear him while I’m washing my hair? Haha. As if he would stop without getting an answer.

So I answered him honestly, “Well…it’s… SCIENCE…you know? (I have mastered this emergency escape button by throwing big words at him a couple of times.) It’s like when we plant seeds in the soil and the seeds grow in to plants…”

I think I did well somehow. I managed to answer him with the truth and he seemed satisfied with my explanation. This reminds me of a time when he was 4, he asked me – “Why don’t we have a complete family?” I believe he was asking this because they were learning this in preschool. And I told him, “You know, every family has a different story. Some families start out complete and other families start out incomplete yet. Our family has its own story…”

He also had a phase where he kept on asking for a baby sister and brother. He had names picked out already! Marleen and Jon. This went on for 1 whole year.  Well, I told him one time, “It’s not that easy. Mom needs a partner to start a bigger family. When I had you, I had a partner.” To this he answered, “Let’s find a NEW dad!” And, “Let’s go to the ‘Persons Store’ to buy a baby sister!”


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