My own Milan

So, yes. I’m back visiting your country and your city. Did not make much of an effort this time to try to see you. And everything looks much different now. Let’s say, I am seeing more of everything this time through my own eyes. And I have been seeing you. A lot. I saw your back and your hair at the plane. At the airport, I saw your hair again. Yesterday at the Cathedral, I saw your hands and I think I heard your voice. I felt your breath as I climbed up the stairs to the roof. And I felt the same excitement I felt 2 years ago anticipating our first kiss in that hidden corner. At the souvenir shop, I felt you behind me as I picked out a magnet. Will I see more of you today until before I leave to go home?




In 2 days…

we might meet again after 2 years.240920121839

an empty inbox

for a smart 31 year old woman, i can be slow.
i just thought this was different.
i have already bored you, yes you –
you 44 year old man.

thanks for the time you gave me when you were capable and you wanted to give it.

My Mantra

(A quick google definition in 0.25 seconds)
  1. (originally in Hinduism and Buddhism) a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation.


Something reminded me of my personal promise. I made this promise last year. Few days after I got my last tattoo.

This last one is actually a series (a trio?). And it reads:

“Io sono la mia Magia – Il mio Luce – Sempre nel Piacere”. A literal google translation to English  will give you:

“I am my own Magic – My Light – Always in Pleasure”.

I will write on more of my mantra in my next entries.

Have a blessed Monday, everyone.

Om Shanti.